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Welcome to the Bay State Perennial Farm

Please Note: On Sunday June, 26th the Whately 250th Anniversary Parade will take place, starting at 12 noon. Some streets will be blocked as the parade passes by. 

The season is in full swing and an abundance of additional items are available on a weekly basis. Additions will be listed only in our weekly e-bulletin which offers a discussion of topics of interest to gardeners plus the most up-to-date listing of new arrivals. You need to sign up to receive the e-bulletin. It's easy to do and it's free. Just click on the icon below and you'll be prompted the rest of the way. Bay State gift certificates are available any time by mail at PO Box 706, North Hatfield, MA 01066, (not at 36 State Rd, Whately MA). Or, by phone at 413 665 3525.

Nursery Hours

Through the season, hours are; 9am - 4pm Thursday - Sunday

Looking forward to seeing you at the Nursery.

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Location of the Nursery:
Bay State Perennial Farm
36 State Road (Routes 5 & 10)
Whately, MA 01093
(413) 665-3525


Mailing Address:
Bay State Perennial Farm
P.O.Box 706
N. Hatfield, MA 01066

Hours of Operation
9am - 4pm Thursday - Sunday