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Rosa glauca 400

Rosa glauca (rubrifolia), early spring:

Roses - Climbers

Rosa Above and BeyondNew    A truly unique climbing rose for cold climates. Above and Beyond combines extreme cane hardiness, reliable spring flowering, vigorous growth and a unique color in hardy roses. Orange flower buds open in prolific clusters of five or more apricot colored, semi-double to double flowers. Plants bloom in mid to late spring with sporadic repeat flowering in summer. With extreme cane hardiness, ‘Above and Beyond’ can be a climber or a handsome, large, free standing shrub in colder regions. Very resistant to fungal diseases. Zone 3.

Rosa ‘Brite Eyes’    From the breeder of the fabulous Knockout Rose series comes this exciting new climber. Salmon buds open to single flowers of a rich pink color with yellow centers, highly scented. Strong growing to 12’ high with a very long blooming period beginning in mid to late spring and continuing into fall. Foliage is glossy, dark green and generally regarded as among the most black spot resistant foliage to be found. Zone 5.

Doublin Bay 175

Rosa Doublin Bay®     Large, fully double, velvety red flowers with a light, spicy scent that thrive in both cool and warm weather from spring until the first frost. Blooms on new and old wood. One of the best of the modern climbers with glossy, deep green foliage. 8’-10’ tall. Zone 5.

    Rosa Westerland New  Double, light orange/apricot blossoms with a strong clove fragrance. A repeat bloomer that flowers on new and old wood. Foliage is glossy green and highly disease resistant. 8’-10’ tall in zone 5, taller in warmer zones.

Zephirine Drouhin 175

Rosa ‘Zephirine Drouhin’     A popular climber with thornless canes and eye-catching, cerise-pink flowers. Sweet, old rose fragrance with a heavy spring and fall bloom. Climbs to 12ft. Very hardy and tolerates some shade.


Shrub Roses

David Austin Roses

Rosa David Austin™ Abraham Darby  Large, double, cupped, apricot/yellow flowers with pink infusions and a strong fruity scent. 'Abraham Darby' shows good repeat bloom throughout the season with even stronger bloom if plants are given a gentle pruning in early summer. The habit is bushy, arching and plants may be grown as a tall shrub, 5' tall by 5' wide, or trained as a short climber.

David Austin Boscobel 175

Rosa David Austin™ Boscobel   Rich salmon, rosette-shaped blooms with a dreamy myrrh fragrance enhanced with subtle hints of elderflower, pear and almond, - warning!, do not stress out trying to identify the individual aromas. Just take a deep whiff and enjoy. A vigorous, healthy, upright shrub, only 3’ tall by 2’ wide.

Rosa David Austin™ Clare Austin    Cupped buds of a pale lemon yellow shade open to large, creamy-white, perfectly formed and very fragrant flowers. Forms a medium sized bush with gently arching branches, 4' high with wider spreading horizontal branches that allow plants to be trained as a climber or maintained as a shrub rose.

Rosa David Austin™ Generous Gardener   Beautifully formed flowers that are soft glowing pink at the centre, shading to palest pink toward the outside. Lovely when fully open, reminiscent of water lilies. Strong growing with an elegant arching form and dark green highly disease-resistant foliage. 5' high and amenable to being trained as a climber. If grown as a climber, expect a height of 8-10'.

Rosa David Austin™ Lady Emma Hamilton    A vigorous, stocky rose with leaves that are bronze at the first flush, gradually shifting to a dark green which provides the perfect foil for the long playing flower show. Large buds form in May and are themselves ornamental due to their size and shadings of dark red and orange. As the buds open, double, nearly globular flowers show a distinct tangerine-orange color on the inside petals while the outer ones carry a more yellow-orange hue that creates a distinctly unique effect and, at the same time, perfumes the garden with a strong fruity aroma. One of the hardiest and most disease resistant of the David Austin roses, heavy blooming with excellent reblooming potential. 3-4’ tall by 2-3’ wide.

David Austin Winchester Cathedral 175

Rosa David Austin Winchester Cathedral New     A smaller growing, more accommodating David Austin rose, only 3'-4' high by 3'-4' wide, with large, double, loosely cupped, pure white flowers emitting a strong old rose scent. Blooms through summer providing an ample supply of flowers for cutting. Zone 5.  

Knock Out Roses

Rosa Double Knock Out®   More compact than ‘Knockout’, with a dense, rounded form, 2-3ft. tall by 3-4ft. wide and loaded with deep, pinkish-red, double flowers all summer. High disease resistance. Zone 4.

'Double Pink Knockout' 175

Rosa Double Pink Knock Out®   A prolific bloomer with loads of double, hot pink, 3in. flowers from May to October over dense, deep green foliage. Both 'Double Pink Knock Out' and the single-flowered 'Pink Knockout' are exceptionally fine roses and, in choosing between the two, it's simply a matter of preferring a double or a single petaled bloom. You can't go wrong with either. 'Double Pink Knockout' is 3-4' tall and wide. Zone 4.

Rosa Knock Out®      This 2000 AARS winner is aptly named, with its non-stop flow of deep cherry red flowers throughout the summer. Plus, it's drought tolerant, disease resistant, Japanese beetle resistant, and cold hardy! Compact form. One of the hardiest and carefree roses to be found with a "look" that's instantly recognizable in the landscape. Zone 4.

Rosa Pink Knock Out®    Single, elegant pink flowers begin opening in late May and just keep coming without deadheading until fall. 3-4' tall and wide, with deep green, shiny, disease resistant foliage. Beautiful and carefree. Excellent hardiness, zones 4-10.

Other Shrub Roses

Brilliant Veranda 175

Rosa Brilliant Veranda®   Chosen #6 in the top 10 picks in rose trials at UGA,( 10 roses). “Gorgeous”, “luscious”, “flowing and exceedingly eye-catching” are some of the compliments paid to this terrific new rose. It’s small, in line with the current trend in rose breeding, only 2’ tall by 3’ wide with glossy, disease resistant foliage that supports a nonstop display of perfectly formed, brilliant orange, floribunda type blooms. Small enough to be grown in a container placed by pool or patio and well suited for a spot in the mixed perennial border. Very effective planted in groups for dazzling visual impact. Hardy to 5a, possibly 4b.

Flower Carpet Amber 175

Rosa Flower Carpet®Amber     Low growing and wide spreading with clean foliage and flowers from spring till autumn. Gracefully arching, wide-spreading stems form a low, wide mound covered in attractive foliage that emerges shiny red and matures to deep green. Double, golden-amber blooms that age to soft, apricot-pink begin opening in late May and continue without letup all the way into October. Overall size is1-2' tall by 5-6' wide and, though wide-spreading, the plants retain a dense, full habit. Valuable for their season-long bloom and for their dense, spreading habit that works as an excellent groundcover. Zone 5

Rosa Flower Carpet® Yellow     A slightly upright yet spreading habit, 2’ tall by 4’-5’ wide, with exceptionally handsome, glossy, apple-green foliage that form the backdrop for the waves of lemon-yellow, double flowers that wash over the plants all season long. Foliage shows good disease resistance. Zone 5.        

Rosa glauca 175 2016 best

Rosa glauca (rubrifolia)     Strong growing purple colored, gracefully arching canes are clad with smoky, blue-gray foliage and further adorned with sweet, single, 1", clear pink flowers in May-June. 5-7' tall with an upright, arching habit. Zone 2.

Home Run 175

Rosa Home Run®     Bred from 'Knock Out', that tireless, disease resistant, landscape workhorse, 'Home Run' goes a step further and intensifies that plant's best qualities. It forms a dense, rounded, low profile plant, heavily packed with the deepest green foliage that serves as the perfect background for the constant flow of showy, flame red, single blossoms surrounding golden yellow stamens. The beautiful, intensely red coloring of the flowers is undiluted by the purple-pink shading found in "Knock Out", and the supply of flowers is non-stop right through the entire season. Grows to the very useful landscape size of 3'-4' tall by 3'-4' wide and is garnished with foliage that's not only beautiful, but highly disease resistant as well. To see this rose in bloom is to want it! Perfect for accent/specimen siting, foundation planting, mixed perennial and shrub borders and for massing as groundcover where a taller, season-long blooming, low maintenance cover is appropriate. Very hardy, zone 4.

Rosa hugonis 250

Rosa hugonis (Father Hugo Rose)  The Father Hugo rose grows 6 to 8' tall with an upright arching habit and finely textured foliage. The single flowers are a lovely canary yellow, 2" wide, profusely borne in May-June. Tolerates poor dry soil. Intoduced in 1899. Hardy to zone 4.

Rosa ‘Oso Easy® Paprika’     Low and mounding, 1-2ft. tall with loads of spicy, reddish-orange, single blooms accentuated with a bright yellow eye. Glossy green foliage emerges with a hint of red in the new growth and exhibits exceptionally high resistance to mildew and black spot. Zone 5.

Rosa Oso Easy® Lemon Zest     A Proven Winners selection which, after years of evaluation, emerged as “the” yellow rose that lived up to the demands of season-long brilliant color and excellent disease-resistance. Sunny, canary yellow flowers do not fade to white and really light up against the glossy green foliage. It’s free-flowering, producing lots of buds which open to self-cleaning flowers. Excellent disease-resistance and a strong reblooming nature make it easy to find room for this little beauty in any sunny garden. 18”-30” high by 18”-30” wide. Zone 5.

Raspberry Rogostar 175

Rosa Raspberry Rugostar®     A true groundcover version of the popular Rugosa rose with deep pink blooms that cover this low growing plant, beginning in June and lasting throughout the warm months. Flowers have a light clove fragrance. Rugged and undemanding in average or better soil of reasonable moisture levels and a sunny exposure. Particularly useful for massing as groundcover. Also effective as barrier plants and as complements to perennial and shrub borders. Hardy and disease tolerant. Zone 4.

Rosa rugosaPurple Pavement’      A tenacious, dependable landscape performer that tolerates and beautifies some of the toughest landscapes with the greatest of ease. Dense and spreading, it’s lustrous, light green foliage is a backdrop for repeated waves of fragrant, purple/red, double blossoms. Showy dark red gips in mid to late fall compliment the excellent fall foliage color and provide food for birds. Grows 3-4ft. tall by 6ft. wide.

Watercolors Home Run 175 best

Rosa Watercolors Home Run New     An exciting new rose that delivers an uninterrupted display of flowers over exceptionally disease resistant foliage. The semi-double flowers are broad, wide open, clear pink with lots of yellow at their centers. Blooms through summer. Only 3' tall. A truly carefree landscape rose that will bring color to foundation plantings, shrub and perennial borders. Makes a colorful low hedge/edger, and eye-catching accent specimen. Very effective in group plantings. Zone 4.





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