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Bay State Perennial Farm is known for its wide selection of perennials. Plants are listed alphabetically by their latin names and can be located by clicking on the first letter of the plant name in the alphabet above.

Iris germanica Immortality 400

Iris germanica ‘Immortality’

Iberis sempervirens ‘Alexander’s White’    Large pure white flowers carpet low, spreading mats of mint green foliage. A superior mat-forming plant with high impact when in bloom with glistening white flowers blanketing the foliage. Blooms in mid-spring and repeats again in fall with a somewhat diminished display. Foliage remains attractive all season especially if sheared back when flowering is finished to discourage "opening up" in the center and to maintain a lush, dense foliage mass. Will tolerate light shade. Zone 3.

Iberis sempervirem 'Purity'

Iberis sempervirens ‘Whiteout’      Mats of dark green, evergreen foliage support hundreds of white, candytuft blooms in early spring, repeating into smmer. Habit is low and spreading, forming dense mats of narrow, evergreen foliage, 8" high by 2' or more wide, that provide the perfect backdrop for the glistening white flowers. At peak bloom, foliage is completely hidden under a blanket of pure white flowers. Nice flowing over edging stones or draping from the top of a retaining wall. A serious pruning after flowering has finished will keep the foliage dense and attractive through the season. An excellent, easy to please perennial attractive for both flowers and foliage. Full sun to light shade, average, well-drained soil. Attracts butterflies. Zone 3.

Iris bucharica    Native to Russia, 30ins. tall with large, wide, glossy-green leaves, not blade-like and sprouting from the crown but occurring at intervals all along the stems. Flowers are white with flaring standards and yellow falls that are speckled green borne in the leaf axils in March and April. Very intriguing. Zone 5.

Iris cristata ‘Powder Blue Giant’    Light blue-purple flowers with golden crests and darder blue accents, May-June. 12ins. tall, spreading in attractive, wave-like fashion. Grow in part to heavier shade. Suited for the front of the border, for weaving its way through crevices and for the rock garden. Zone 4.

Iris cristata ‘Tennessee White’    Each stunning, bright white bloom is enhanced with a yellow crest. 6-8ins. tall, with dwarf iris fronds that gradually expand in dense, symmetrical, wave-like fashion forming large mats that remain attractive long after the flowers have faded. Likes part shade, well drained soil. Zone 4.

Iris ensata (Japanese Iris)     Tall, late June-July blooms (after I. sibirica), requiring rich, acid, consistently moist soil. Will not tolerate lime. Will grow in 4” of water and make exceptionally fine pond and streamside plants. Also very beautiful border plants in locations with rich, organic, acidic soil that’s evenly moist. Zone 4. 08-FullSun-s 07-PartialShade-s 03-Drip3 01-Hummingbirds scissors

Iris ensata 'Caprician Butterfly'

Iris ensata ‘Caprician Butterfly’    8in. across. double white flowers with prominent purple-blue veins and small, curling, purple-blue styles and yellow signals. A beautiful Japanese Iris that we’re excited to be offering this year after a too-long absence. Awesome at pond side where, like all Japanese Iris, it thrives in 4” of water. Also performs to perfection in rich, reasonably moist, garden soil with full sun to light shade. Stunning in the landscape and spellbinding in cut arrangements. 

    ‘Good Omen’    Large overlapping petals of deep violet with a yellow spear radiating from the center. Strong flower stems hold the flowers ramrod straight above the foliage. 3’-4’ tall. Attracts butterflies, cuts well, deer resistant.

Iris ensata Happy Awakening 175

‘Happy Awakening’     Magenta-purple flowers fade to white at the edge of the petals. Darker veins add contrast. Provide rich, evenly moist soil, in full sun to light shade. Excellent subjects for pond or streamside planting as plants will grow in 4" of water. 3-4' tall. Not only are these iris elegant, exotic looking garden perennials but they're also attractive to butterflies, they're deer resistant and, they're good for cutting. Zone4.

Iris germanica (Bearded Iris)  Bearded iris need to be planted in full sun in very well drained soil of average or better fertility. Rhizomes should be planted very shallowly, just below the soil surface. They are not difficult to grow, in fact, once they take hold, it’s just a matter of time before you start begging your neighbors to take some. Deer resistant. Zone 3.

    ‘Immortality’    A ruffled, pure white self with pale, lemon yellow beards. Strongly fragrant and nearly everblooming once established. 29" tall. Initial bloom in mid spring followed by repeat bloom through summer.

    ‘Obsidian’    Deep, rich violet/purple flowers appear black. Ruffled petals and strong stems. 33” tall.

Iris germanica Presbys Crown Jewel 175

‘Presby’s Crown Jewel’ New 2018     A spellbinding crystalline white flower with a very uniform blue edge on each petal. 36” tall.   

Iris germanica Raven Girl 175

Iris germanica ‘Raven Girl’ New 2018     Bouncy ruffles grace the large, jet-black petals of 'Raven Girl'.  Deep purple-black standard petals rise up in the center. Each stem yields the exceptionally high bud count of 8-12 buds on three strong branches in mid-to-late spring. Said to be the biggest and best performing black German Iris available!

Iris graminea New    (Plum Tart Iris, also Grass-leaved Iris) Forms dense, grassy clumps of very narrow leaves around 15” high. In June, dark purple, narrow-petaled, highly fragrant flowers bloom amongst the foliage, enticing the gardener to part the leave to discover the source of the delightful fragrance. Make this little iris the first stop on your morning gardening rounds, and get in some quick bending-stretching move as you part the foliage to enjoy the sweetly scented flowers. Native across Europe to Southern Russia. Thanks to an Easthampton MA gardener for sharing.


Iris pallida ‘Albo-Variegata’    Gray/green strap-like leaves are longitudinally varigated with pure white that may shade to bluish/gray towards the center of the blades. The foliage is beautiful and, by itself, is reason enough for growing this iris. But there are flowers as well, and they too are beautiful. In May, large, bearded iris-type flowers of smooth, pure lavender bloom with a quality of simple elegance. 16-18" tall, for sun in average, well-drained. Zone 4.

Iris sibirica (Siberian Iris)     Easy, early summer blooming. Excellent companion for peonies. Several of the below listed varieties are not actually new, but just back after an absence of several years. Siberians iris do best in rich, reasonably moist, well drained, slightly acidic to neutral soil, in full sun. O.K. in some shade but flowering will be diminished. 08-FullSun-s 07-PartialShade-s 04-Drip2 01-Hummingbirds scissors

Iris sib Charming Billy

Iris siberica ‘Charming Billy’ New 2018   A beautiful, full flower in a high spirited mix of red-violet, dark purple, and light blue. Clumps are very sturdy with a profuse flower display, enhanced by the ability of single stems to carry up to 3-4 flowers a piece. Words do not do justice to this beautiful iris. The accompanying picture begins to capture its charm but, better still, an actual garden viewing reveals its special appeal. Visit Bay State in late spring to see it luxuriating in our borders. 2' tall. Zone 3.

    siberica ‘Dance and Sing’    Cheerful yellow buds open to 3” flowers with sparkling creamy yellow, upright standards, widely flaring light yellow falls, and darker yellow signals. Hardy to zone 3 with the possibility of rebloom in warmer zones. 32” tall. Blooms early summer. Attracts hummingbirds, resists deer and rabbits. Cuts well.

    siberica ‘Flight of Butterflies’     We’re glad once again to bring out this favorite selection that’s been too long absent from our siberian iris collection. Distinctive for its medium sized, airy, purple flowers carried high above the foliage, resembling fluttering butterflies. 3’ tall, blooms late spring, pest free and good for cutting.

    siberica ‘Kita-No-Seiza’ New 2018     A striking Siberian Iris with large, double, pastel silver-pink blooms in June and foliage that remains attractive all season. Performs best in sun in rich, evenly moist soil. 27” tall. Cuts well, deer resistant. 

    siberica ‘White Swirl’     Beautiful widely flaring ivory-white selfs, with a touch of gold near the throat. One of the finest whites available. Blooms before the Japanese Iris but after the Tall Bearded. 30” tall. Blooms early summer. attracts hummingbirds and resists deer and rabbits. Cuts well.

Jasione montana (Shepherd’s Scabies)      If you like globe-shaped flowers, especially blue ones, here’s one that you’ll want to check out. It’s small, with 1” blue globes carried on 6”-12” stems above matted foliage. Blooms in summer for many week. Best in the rock garden or at the front-of-the-border. For sun with well-drained soil. Zone 3.

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