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Bay State Perennial Farm is known for its wide selection of perennials. Plants are listed alphabetically by their latin names and can be located by clicking on the first letter of the plant name in the alphabet above.

Helleborus Dark and Handsome 400

Helleborus ‘Dark and Handsome’ (Wedding Party™ series)

Helianthemum ‘Ben Ledi’     A low, mounding, shrub-like perennial awash with delicate, tissue-paper thin 1”-1 flowers form late spring into mid summer. Flowers are dark pink with still darker pink centers, borne in great profusion over mounds of narrow, dark green, glossy foliage,(flowers resemble single Portulaca flowers), 12” tall by 24” wide. Best in average, well-drained soil, in full sun. Helianthemum are sun lovers, considered very tolerant of dry, infertile places and intolerant of poorly draining, wet locations. They need to be perfectly drained in winter in order to have a chance of making it through in colder areas. Use at the front of mixed perennial borders, for edging and in containers. Shear the entire mound half way back after flowering to keep it from opening up in the center. Attracts butterflies, deer and rabbit resistant. Zone 4 with proper siting. 

Helianthemum ‘Henfield Brilliant’ New     Bright orange, portulaca-like flowers envelop the semi-evergreen mounds of narrow, dark green, glossy foliage, in June. A good choice for hot sunny locations with average to poor, well-drained soil. Avoid poorly drained, overly fertile places. A bright, cheery presence at the front of the mixed perennial border, in rock garden and in containers. Recommended that plants be cut back half way after flowering to keep them from becoming lax and open in the centers.  Attracts butterflies, deer and rabbit resistant. Zone 4 with proper siting. 

Helianthus angustifolius     (Swamp flower)  3’- 6’ tall with a profusion of golden daisies for many weeks beginning in early fall. Flowers consist of yellow/gold petals encircling a flat-topped cone and occur in great numbers providing a rich, late season supply of nectar for hungry pollinators. Combines well with tall grasses and Asters. Give sun and average garden conditions. Once established, plants spread quickly by rhizomes but unwanted shoots are easily dug out to be shared with friends and, after you’ve exhausted your list of friends, to be added to the compost. Worth a bit of bother to keep a modest colony of this late-season beauty standing tall at the back of the border. Zone 5.

Helianthus laetiflorus ‘Lemon Queen’     Bushel baskets of intense, canary-yellow, 2-2½in., single flowers weigh down the stems of this late season beauty. These are large, (5-7ft.), bold plants that infuse a last, glorious blast of color into the border, bringing the season to an end with a bang, not a whimper. Zone 5.

Helianthus salicifolius ‘ Autumn Gold’ New 2018   2’ tall, neatly, rounded, mound of dark green, willow-like foliage making for a plant that’s attractive, even without flowers. But there are flowers and plenty of them when, in late summer, 2½-3”, golden-yellow flowers cover the mounded foliage creating a blast of color that lasts right into fall. For sun with average, reasonably moist, well-drained soil. Drought tolerant once established. Deer and rabbit resistant. Zone 5a.

Heliopsis h. var. s. Burning Hearts 175

Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra ‘Burning Hearts’ New     Darker stems and deeper purple leaf tones than H. ‘Summer Nights’, plus a bright colorful eye in the center of each flower. 3’-4’ tall, very long blooming from June-August. Attracts butterflies, deer resistant, cuts well.     

Heliopsis helianthoides ‘Tuscan Sun’ New 2018     A beautiful and carefree native cultivar that offers a more compact habit and good disease resistance. Golden yellow, daisy-like flowers are produced on strong stems atop the deep green foliage. A tidy, lower growing False Sunflower that blooms all season.  A reliable, carefree bloomer that's refreshingly pest and disease free. Only 2-3' tall. For sun to light shade, in average, well-drained soil. Attracts butterflies and is nice for cutting. Zone 3.

Heliopsis h. 'Summer Nights' 175 best

Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra ‘Summer Nights’   Golden yellow, daisy-like blooms with a mahogany eye are carried atop dark purple-red stems and are set against a background of dark green leaves suffused with purple. 4ft. tall. Easy to grow in sun, in fertile soil that’s reasonably moist though well-drained. Blooms profusely from mid to late summer filling the garden with bold color. Cuts well and attracts butterflies. Zone 3.

Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra ‘Asahi’     A tidy, easy to grow and long blooming perennial that blooms all summer with waves of deep, golden yellow, almost orange, daisy-like flowers with large domed centers trailing an apron of golden petals. Grows to 30” tall, carrying its flowers on strong, erect stems that are good for cutting. Pest and disease free and happy with average or better, reasonably moist conditions in full sun. Zone 4.

Helleborus (Hellebore)   Becoming increasingly popular, hellebores are indeed a must for every garden. Flowers often push up through the snow and, once up, continue blooming through spring. The attractive foliage forms tidy, slowly spreading mounds that can be divided after flowering. Easy to grow and quite drought tolerant once established. 07-PartialShade-s 06-FullShade-s 04-Drip2 03-Drip3 scissors

Helleborus Gold Collection™     These are super-long blooming plants that begin blooming in March and continue until June. All are hardy and long-lived and all stand at just about 1’ tall when in bloom. It is especially delightful to watch blooming plants emerge through melting snow in March. Easy in sun to light shade with average, evenly moist soil with plants showing increased drought tolerance as they establish. Drifts of Helleborus are memorable for their beauty and as proof that spring is about to bust out all-over! Deer resistant. Good for cutting. Zone 4.

Helleborus Blushing Brides Maid 175

Helleborus ‘Blushing Bridesmaid’ (Wedding Party™ series)     2”-2½” double white flowers with raspberry pink veining and picotee edge. 18”-24” tall. Blooms for many weeks starting in very early spring. Plants in the Wedding Party™ Series have been selected for improved vigor, and larger, more abundant flowers. It may take a year or two for plants to reach full blooming maturity but, at that point, one can expect up to forty flowers per plant. Zone 4.

    ‘Camelot’ (Gold Collection™)   Pink buds open to creamy pink flowers that face outward rather than downward. 1’ tall. Zone 4.

    ‘Dark and Handsome’ (Wedding Part™y series)    Double, near black to black-purple flowers over 2’ high clumps. Plants in the Wedding Party™ Series have been selected for improved vigor, and larger, more abundant flowers. It may take a year or two for plants to reach full blooming maturity but, at that point, one can expect up to forty flowers per plant. Zone 4..

Helleborus French Kiss175

Helleborus ‘French Kiss’ (Honeymoon™ series) New 2018     3-3½", single white flowers lined with raspberry pink veining that pools toward the center of the petals. 24" tall Zone 4.

Helleborus New York Night 175

 Helleborus New York Night (Honeymoon™ Series)     Very large, 2½”-3”, single flowers with shades of black that include deep grey-purple, jet black, and black-purple. 18”-24” tall, blooms from early spring into mid summer. Zone 4.

    ‘Ice & Roses Red (Gold Collection™)    Large, deep rosy-red, single, nodding flowers from late winter into early spring. Said to be one of the heaviest blooming varieties and, indeed, we are in awe of the large amount of bloom that just keeps coming, week after week. Foliage is dark green, leathery, on stems that mound to 12” high by 15” wide. A very rugged individuals that, once established, tolerate a range of conditions including heat and periods of drought. Zone 5.

Helleborus Gd Cl Pink Frost

Helleborus ‘Pink Frost’ (Gold Colledtion™)    Burgundy buds open to two toned pink and white flowers that are outward facing, 2-3" across . Thick, serrated green leaves have attractive red petioles. Begins blooming at a young age and blooms heavily in March-April, way before most other spring bloomers appear and early enough to reassure gardeners that spring can't be too for behind. Only 9-15" tall. Best in shade with rich, moist soil though plants become increasingly drought tolerant as they mature. It's not unheard of to grow hellebore in sun, but there had better be plenty of moisture. Zone 5.

    ‘Rome in Red’ (Honeymoon™ Series) New 2018    (Lenten Rose) 3-4", single, rich maroon to wine red flowers. 18-24" tall. Blooms early-spring through mid-summer. Honeymoon™ series hellebores have been bred increased vigor, rich flower color, and exuberant flower display due to the large number of blossoms per plant. Zone 4.

    ‘Sandy Shores’ (Honeymoon™ Series) New 2018    (Lenten Rose) 2½ -3”, single pale apricot flowers with a lovely rosy peach blush on the back of the petalsf. 18-24” tall. Blooms form early spring into mid summer. Zone 4. Honeymoon™ series hellebores have been bred increased vigor, rich flower color, and exuberant flower display due to the large number of blossoms per plant. Zone 4.

Helleborus wedding bells 175

Helleborus ‘Wedding Bells’ Wedding Party™    Clear white, 2”-2½” wide, double flowers. 18”-24” tall. You can never go wrong with white in the garden and that’s especially true with this outstanding double flowered selection. Keep in mind that It may take a year or two for plants to reach full blooming maturity but, at that point, one can expect up to forty flowers per plant. Zone 4.      

HEMEROCALLIS (Daylily)   Modern daylilies are available in almost every color imaginable and range in height from 10ins. to 6ft. or higher. Flower periods range from several weeks to several months and plants are virtually maintenance free. Clump division is easy and foolproof at any point in the season. With all these great qualities to commend them, it’s easy to see why daylilies are such a great favorite with gardeners. Rabbit resistant!  08-FullSun-s 04-Drip2 02-Butterfly 01-Hummingbirds scissors

Hemerocallis 'Bella Lugosi'#1

Hemerocallis ‘Bela Lugosi’   Widely regarded as one of the best purple daylilies currently available. Outstanding saturated, true purple blooms with a lime green throat. Very sun-fast for such a dark color. A strong grower, well-branched, and heavily budded. 33ins. tall. Blooms midseason.

    ‘Bright Sunset’ New 2018     Burnt coppery-orange 4” flowers with a small golden band and deep green throat. Blooms in July, 36” tall. 

    ‘Buttered Popcorn’    Has been called the best reblooming, large flowered daylily! A complete butter yellow self with a tiny green throat, 6" wide, fragrant. Multiple blooms per scape, 32" tall. Begins blooming mid July and repeats through summer.

    ‘Chicago Apache’     Scarlet red, sunfast blooms with ruffled edges of a deeper shade of red, and a green throat. 30in. tall, mid-late blooming. A proven performer that stands out in the mid to late season garden.

    ‘Country Melody’     Lots of pink in this pretty pastel flower with ruffled edges, 30" tall, blooms mid season. A beautiful daylily that has graced our borders for 20 yrs.

Hemerocallis Earlybird Cardinal 175

‘Earlybird Cardinal’    Very early and prolific blooming with watermellon red flowers with a pie crust edge. Begins blooming in mid June and continues to rebloom throughout the season. Plants tend to produce more than one flower scape per fan from robust clumps resulting in exceptionally floriferous displays. 24" high. Zone 4.

    ‘Entrapment’    5” mauve/purple petals with ruffled edges and a glowing yellow center. It’s a rebloomer that’s said to be one of the most floriforous daylilies on the market. One Dutch trial showed that plants were capable of producing up to an astonishing 800 blooms in a single season. Scapes are 24-28” tall, very strong and branched, some with three levels of blooms per scape.

    ‘Ed Brown’ New 2018   Distinctive, ice pink, with gold ruffled edges. Blooms early to mid season, reblooms. 28” tall, semi-evergreen. 2006 Stout Silver Medal Winner. Zone 4.

    ‘Fire King’ New 2018     Brilliant orange, 6” flowers with heavily ruffled petals July blooming. 36” tall.

    ‘Fragrant Returns’    This sport of the very popular 'Happy Returns' comes with a nice strong fragrance and all the best traits of 'Happy Returns', including repeat bloom. Grows 18ins. tall and blooms from May to Sept. Zone 3.

    ‘Funny Valentine’     Large sun-fast rose red blossoms with a bright green throat, ruffled. 2-3’ tall. Blooms early to mid season. Almost as nice as the flower is the beautiful dark blue-green, elegantly presented foliage that remains attractive all season. The superb foliage was a major factor in the selection of this cultivar for introduction by the breeder. 


Hem Itsy Bitsy Spider 175

Hemerocallis ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’   A sweet, dwarf, lemon yellow spider type developed by local Daylily hybridizer, Harry Bishop. Everything about this daylily is small starting with the low, clean tufts of foliage which give rise to a profusion of slender but sturdy and bolt-upright flower scapes that lift the delicate, wide flaring, spidery trumpets high above the foliage. Blooms heavily in early to mid-season with very appealing garden presentation.

    ‘Joan Senior’    Creamy white blossoms, slightly ruffled and somewhat recurved with pale yellow watermarks and a soft yellow-green throat. Excellent bud count and branching. 30 ins. tall, blooms early to mid season with an extended bloom period.

    ‘Judy Judy’     6” lavender, strongly scented flowers, with a fluffy, ruffled picotee edge and a prominent creamy-yellow throat. A strong grower with sturdy, well branched scapes that present the abundant, mid summer blooms in a stunning display. 28” high.

    ‘Nosferatu’ (Rainbow Rhythm)    6" wide fragrant purple flowers with a glowing chartreuse throat and ruffled petals. The rich purple color holds up well in full sun.. 26" tall, blooms mid season and reblooms.

Hem Orange Smoothie 175

‘Orange Smoothie’ (Rainbow Rhythm) New 2018 flowers with a light rose band around a green throat. Heavy blooming with reports of up to 32 flowers per scape. Excellent rebloom. 26” tall.

    ‘Passionate Returns’ (Happy Ever Appster™) New 2018    A reblooming daylilly with 4", rosy red, ruffled flowers with perfect form on excellently branched scapes. Blooms all summer and into fall. Lower growing at only 17" tall.

    ‘Penny’s Worth’     Tiny, only 10”-14” high with 1¾” yellow/gold flowers for most of the summer. Fine textured, grass-like foliage. Excellent for edging, mixed containers and smaller spaces where the long bloom and low maintenance of a daylily is desired but where a standard variety would be too large. Thanks to staff member BJ for sharing with us.

    ‘Romantic Returns’ (Happy Ever Appster™) New 2018   Deep rose pink, 5”, fragrant flowers with ruffled petals. A continuous bloomer, beginning in early July and reblooming through the season. 25” tall.



Hemerocallis Ruby Spider

Hemerocallis ‘Ruby Spider’   Huge, 9” wide, dark ruby red flowers with long, spoon-shaped petals. Flowers open very wide and flat, displaying the large, golden yellow throat and matching midribs. 34” tall. A multiple award winner, this eye-catching daylily makes a huge visual impact.


    ‘Scottish Fantasy’     A robust grower with a tremendous bud count. Flowers are rose-pink with a lime green throat and pie-crusted, ruffled petals. 28’ tall, mid to late blooming, repeat bloomer.

    ‘Steeple Jackie’    3", "old-fashioned", lightly fragrant, canary-yellow flowers held very high, well above the foliage, on 5' flower scapes. Bloom late summer when most other daylilies have passed their peak.

Hemerocallis Stephanie Returns 175

Hemerocallis ‘Stephanie Returns’    Light rosy-peach blend with a purple eye and yellow throat, 18” tall, compact habit. Blooms early summer with continuous bloom through summer.

    ‘Tiger Swirl’ (Rainbow Rhythm)    Large triangular-shaped flowers of golden yellow with a large raspberry red eye zone and petals that twist and curl creating a swirling appearance. 32” tall. Blooms in July and repeats. 

HEUCHERA (Coral Bells)   A large family of plants with the apparent capacity for producing an endless parade of new varieties. Each year scores of new selections appear on the gardening scene requiring so many choices for only so much garden space. Currently plant developers seem to be concentrating on foliage,(at the expense of flowers), with dazzling results. Designer colors such as black, mauve, chartreuse and amber that were unimaginable just a few years ago are now commonplace.  08-FullSun-s 07-PartialShade-s 06-FullShade-s 04-Drip2 03-Drip3 02-Butterfly 01-Hummingbirds scissors

Heuchera ‘Berry Marmalade’    A large landscape grape-purple-black Heuchera with thick leathery leaves nicely ruffled at the edges. Extra thick leaves stand up to intense heat and cold. A large, bold, fast growing plant that establishes a strong presence in the garden. Foliage mounds to 1' tall by 2' wide. Flowers the second season in the garden with white flowers that rise 1' above the foliage. Holds up well in our New England climate. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Zone 4.

    ‘Cajun Fire’ New 2018     Foliage emerges deep red and embarks a series of color changes, starting with deep red in spring, then to black in summer, and finally to deep maroon in the fall. Foliage shows good heat tolerance. White flowers on strong stems contrast nicely with the ever-changing foliage colors. Attracts butterfies and hummingbirds. Flowers cut well for arrangements. Zone 4.

    ‘Candy Apple’ (Carnival™ Series)     (villosa) Leaves start out deep burgundy/red in spring then morph to dusty green with a silver overlay, foliage to 12” high by 14” wide. Like all villosa types, it’s heat and humidity tolerant and will look good through summer whether in sun or shade. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Deer resistant. Zone 4.

    ‘Caramel’     (villosa) A robust grower with bright yellow-orange leaves with purple-red undersides. Tidy compact habit with cream colored flowers. A consistent, reliable performer, 12-14" tall. Zone 4. 

Heuchera Fire Chief

‘Fire Chief’   Mid-sized leaves of glowing wine red make a gorgeous medium sized mound from which arise unique, bicolored pink and white flowers on dark red stems. Blooms from spring to fall. Foliage turns a little darker in the winter, but otherwise holds its wine red color. 14” high. Zone 4.

    ‘Galaxy’     Leaves emerge bright red and darken as they age. A variegation pattern similar to that of H. ‘Midnight Rose’ over-spreads the leaves starting as dark spots that brighten to pink as the leaves mature. The foliage is thick and leathery and holds up well in the landscape.

    ‘Guacamole’ New 2018     Large, bright lime-green foliage and white flowers in early summer characterize this beautiful Coral Bell. Foliage to 22" high by 24" wide, white flowers rising to 28". Best in part shade where the bright foliage is especially valuable. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Zone 4.

    macrorrhiza ‘Autumn Bride’   Large, chartreuse to green, nearly evergreen foliage topped from September till frost with sprays of pure white flowers that, blooming as late as they do, are a gift to us gardeners who dread seeing the season come to an end. Best in light shade, in average or better soil and; of special interest to all long-suffering, dry shade gardeners, it does well in dry shade. Zone 3. 

Heuchera Paprika 175

Heuchera ‘Paprika’    Glowing, cherry-coral foliage with darker pink veins looks too hot and tropical to be hardy. Brilliant enough to stand alone as a specimen, simmers in group plantings and enlivens mixed container plantings. White flowers just above the foliage in June. Tolerates hot and dry conditions once established. Zone 4.

Heuchera Paris

Heuchera ‘Paris’    Green leaves suffused with a white veneer and etched with dark venation, similar to the very beautiful H. 'Mint Frost'. Flowers are deep pink on strong stems, abundantly produced for 8 weeks in summer, 14ins. high. Considered the best flowering variety. Not that one has a single complaint with the slew of new foliage-centric coral bells, but most of them are not remarkable for their flowers. So three cheers for H. 'Paris' and its 8 weeks of dark pink flowers! Zone 4.

    Primo™ ‘Black Pearl’ New     Forms a dense habit of shiny, jet black leaves with scalloped, ruffled edges and rosy purple undersides. Keeps its intense black color even in full sun. White flowers are held in pink calyxes,(needs to go through a first winter to bloom). Foliage to 10” high with flowers going to 20”. Zone 4.

    ‘Red Sea’     (villosa) Thick, maple-like, rich, deep red to almost black foliage forms a colorful tight mound that retains its spectacular color even in the heat of summer. Flower stems rise above foliage bearing white bell flowers through June. Deer resistant. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Drought resistant when established. Foliage to 12" high with flowers to an additional 8-10". Very effective in group plantings and brings strong contrast to mixed containers. Will tolerate full sun in the north, but light, afternoon shade is preferred.

Heucherella (General Description) A hybrid genus from a cross between a hybrid Heuchera and Tiarella cordifolia. Recent breeding programs have produced lovely combinations of interesting foliage forms and long-blooming flowers. Flowering begins in mid-spring. Hardy to at least zone 4

    ‘Brass Lantern’     Brassy-gold, maple shaped leaves with strong red coloring at the base that radiates out into the leaf along the center vein. In spring, much of the leaf is colored in red with the margins remaining gold setting up a striking two tone effect. The red coloration retreats somewhat as the season progresses but the leaves continually adopt new color patterns and remain attractive through fall. 20" high with white flowers on dark stems in May. Best in part to full shade. Zone 4.

Heucherella Cracked Ice 175

Heucherella ‘Cracked Ice’     Terrific foliage all season long! Silvery leaves emerge with darker veins in the spring. During the season, hints of purple, blue-green and pink wash over the leaf surface creating a fascinating, ever-changing color display. Compact growing with foliage only 8” tall. White flowers in late spring and into summer attract hummingbirds and butterflies. For sun with even moisture, also part to full shade where less moisture is required. Zone 4.

Heucherella Eye Spy 175

Heucherella ‘Eye Spy’ (Fun and Games™ Series) New 2018       In spring, large dissected leaves emerge amber yellow with deep rose centers that extend to the edges of the leaves. As the season progresses, leaves mellow to bright chartreuse green with a silver overlay. Bubble gum pink flowers rise to 16” above the foliage base that’s 8-10” high. Best in rich, well-drained soil in soil, in sun to part shade, but, due to it’s H. villosa genetics, ‘Eye Spy’ is adaptable to a range of conditions from average to dryish, well-drained soil to full sun exposures. Zone 4.

    ‘Solar Eclipse’    Fantastic scalloped foliage with deep red centers surrounded by a lime green border. White flowers starting in May. Leaf color is most consistent when plants are grown with some afternoon shade. Zone 4.

Heucherella 'Sweet Tea' 175

Heucherella ‘Sweet Tea’    Orange tea-colored leaves with darker cinnamon centers. Adding to its appeal is the constant color shift as the season progresses, with leaves darkening in summer and then lightening up again in the fall. The largest and most intensely colored of any Heucherella. 20" high. Zone 4.

Hibiscus (Rose Mallow)   These are a New England gardener's tropical fantasies come true, with enormous, vividly-hued flowers in late summer. Wait until spring to cut back to the ground, and then wait patiently for new shoots to emerge from the ground, which sometimes takes until Memorial Day. Hardy to Zone 5.

Other varieties of Rose Mallow will be listed as they become available.

Hibiscus Summerific® ‘Ballet Slippers’ New   Huge 7” wide, ruffled flowers are white with a deep red eye and blush pink coloring at the edges of the petals, creating a pinwheel effect. Attractive, bright green leaves form a polished, upright habit with an extremely high bud count. Attracts hummingbirds, deer resistant, native cultivar. Zone 4.

Hibiscus ‘Summer in Paradise’ New     A refined, full habit with a fantastic, bloom display of huge, 7”-8” hot cerise/red flowers from mid-summer into fall. Flowers are produced over the entire plant, from top to bottom. Foliage is maple-like, medium green accented by olive green edges. Only 3’-3½’ making it suitable for many landscape uses. Attracts hummingbirds, deer resistant, native cultivar. Zone 4.

 more Hibiscus will be added as they become available;

Hosta   Look for all Hosta under Hosta

Hyssopus officinalis ‘Tricolor Mix’ New     Dark blue, pink or white flowers, (one color per plant), in dense, 5”, spikes in summer and fall, 18” tall. These are hardy, aromatic perennials with small, narrow, dark green, 2’ leaves. For full sun with average, well-drained soil.  Profuse bloomers that provide late season food for many pollinators. Zone 3.

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