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Bay State Perennial Farm is known for its wide selection of perennials. Plants are listed alphabetically by their latin names and can be located by clicking on the first letter of the plant name in the alphabet above.

Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit 400

Echinacea ‘Cheyenne Spirit’

Echibeckia Summerina™ Orange    A true cross between Rudbeckia and Echinacea, resulting in plants that have the appearance of Rudbeckia and the strength vibrancy of Echinacea. The best of both worlds with the Rudbeckia parent contributing profuse, large, long-lasting flowers and a fast growth rate. The Echinacea parent brings smaller, stronger and more disease resistant foliage. Flowers measure 3” across, bloom from early summer through Autumn, and each flower is said to last up to 2 months. 20”-24” tall. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Nice for cutting. Zone 6.

Echibeckia Summerina™ Yellow    Ditto for the above, except with lots more yellow.

Echinacea (Purple Coneflower)     An easy to grow, low-maintenance perennial with long-blooming, daisy-like flowers. Strong performer in the mixed border or meadow garden. Attracts butterflies; excellent cut flower. Goldfinches relish the seeds. We’re excited to be offering many new varieties this year. Zone 3. 08-FullSun-s 05-Drip 02-Butterfly scissors

    ‘Baby Swan White’    5in. wide, white flowers with large central discs, only 2ft. high. Blooms through summer into fall on sturdy, well branched stems. Zone 3.

    Butterfly™ Orange Skipper     Masses of neon tangerine blooms mimic the bright wings of the Skipper Butterfly that it's named for. No floppy flowers here, the stems are sturdy enough to support the long-lasting flower power of this exceptional Echinacea. 15”-18” tall, blooms all summer, attracts butterflies.

    Butterfly™ Rainbow Marcella     Single, orange sherbet blooms age to a soft raspberry with both colors present on the flower at the same time. Compact and strong stemmed, 2’ tall. Super heavy bloomer through summer and on into fall, lasting until the arrival of hard frosts. Attracts butterflies and many other pollinators. Zone 4.

    ‘Cheyenne Spirit’    Large, single flowers in a vivid color mix that evokes the spirit of the N. American prairie. Colors including orange, red, rosy-red, yellow, purple and cream. Plants have an excellent habit. They’re well-branched, strong and bushy, about 2’ high. Attracts butterflies, good for cutting. Blooms from mid summer intio fall. Removing spent flowers prolongs bloom. Full sun, zone 4a.

    Double ScoopCranberry    Deep cranberry red, fully double flowers bloom through summer and on into fall on sturdy stems, 30” high. As they mature throughout their long bloom season, flowers undergo subtle color changes that enhance their garden appeal. For average or better soil that’s evenly moist but well drained. Plants develop more drought tolerance as they become established. Nice in fresh cut bouquets and the large central cones bring interest to dried arrangements. Attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds. Zone 4.

    ‘Fatal Attraction’    Hot pink to red flowers with deep orange center cones, held on 2-3’, unique, black stems. The combination of these unique characteristics inspires an awesome sense of “deco-gothic” that sets this Coneflower apart from all others and ranks it as one of the most sought after perennials we offer. Zone 4.

    ‘Green Jewel’    Single, light green petals surround a large, dark green cone. Flowers are 3-5ins. wide and, unlike some of the other green flowered coneflowers, they hold their color as they age. Plants have a nice compact, upright habit, 20-24ins. tall. Zone 3.

    ‘Happy Star’ New    Tall growing, to 36”- 40” with a distinctly upright habit and large flowers with pure white petals held horizontally to the center cone. Blooms early summer into fall, attracts butterflies, deer resistant. Zone 3.

    pallida ‘Hula Dancer’ New      Flowers with narrow, drooping, pink, blushed white petals that sway in the breeze like a grass skirt. Blooms June-July on 24”-36” stems with a spread of 18”. Offers a different take on the “bigger and brighter is better” trend in current coneflower breeding. And Goldfinches agree as they gobble up the seeds. For sun, with average or better, evenly moist but well-drained soil. Plants become more drought as they get established. Deer resistant. Zone 3.

    ‘Pow Wow Wild Berry’   Trialed throughout the United States and chosen as an All American Selection winner, this outstanding coneflower delivers a profusion of 3-4", deep , rose-purple flowers on stout, well-branched plants. Its improved basal branching ensures increased flower counts per plant. Blooms all season without deadheading and flowers display excellent color retention. 16-24" tall. Drought tolerant, good for cutting, seeds eaten by birds. Zone 6a.

    Sombrero™ Baja Burgundy     Abundant deep burgundy flowers bloom atop sturdy, compact plants from early summer into fall, 20” tall. Beautiful in perennial, wildflower, and cutting gardens. Long blooming with reliable garden performance. Attracts butterflies. Best in full sun with average or better, well-drained soil. Drought tolerant once established. Zone 4.

    Sombrero™ Flamenco Orange    The latest addition to the Sombrero Series, ‘Flemenco Orange’ blooms from late spring through summer with bright orange flowers over stocky, well branched plants. Bloom is profuse and non-stop through summer, as are the butterflies and hummingbirds that relish the sweet nectar. Like all the members of the Sombrero Series, ‘Flamenco Orange’ is very resilient and easy to please with a site in full sun and average, well drained soil. Grows 24” tall by 18” wide. Plants bloom heavily over a long period without a lot of fuss and bother, providing bright color and attracting the always welcome butterflies and hummers. Reliably hardy to at least 4a, (we’ve never lost a Sombrero Series Echinacea to winter cold).

Echinacea Sombero Salsa Red 175

Echinacea Sombrero™ Salsa Red    Another excellent member of the Sombrero™ series that were bred to have well-branched, sturdy and compact foliage with a high bud count. ‘Salsa Red’ has large, hot, fiery orange/red flowers with petals held vertically to the stems, not drooping. Blooming starts in early summer and extends into fall on compact, sturdy and well-branched plants, 2’ tall. Plant in sun, in average or better well-drained soil. Drought tolerant when established. Attracts butterflies and makes an excellent cut flower. Zone 5a.

    Sombrero® Sangrita New     Vibrant scarlet-red flowers carried on burgundy-red stems. Forms a sturdy, compact clump, 18-20” tall. Blooms from mid-summer into fall and becomes drought tolerant once established. Deadheading will prolong the bloom.  Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, nice for cutting. Zone 4.

Echinops (Globe Thistle)     Bold, showy plants, undemanding and easy to grow in any ordinary, well drained garden soil. Flower heads are dense spiny globes, excellent for cutting and drying. Taller species are good back of the border plants; smaller species combine well with Heleniums and Daylilies. 08-FullSun-s 05-Drip 04-Drip2 02-Butterfly scissors

    ritro    Lavender blue globes on tall stems. Foliage is stiff, coarse textured, thistle-like, 3-5ft. tall. Invaluable for creating contrast with other broader leafed, softer textured perennials. Grow in sun, in average to good, moist but well drained soil. Zone 3.

    ruthenicus ‘Platinum Blue’    Bright silvery, spiny foliage displaying deep blue, globe-shaped flowers for many weeks in summer. Its lower height of 3' makes it easy to use in modern mixed borders where its long blooming, distinctively shaped flowers provide structural interest and wonderful contrast with perennials such as Yarrow, Baby's Breath and so many others. Very easy to grow in full sun, in average, even dry, soil. Excellent for cutting and drying.

Edraianthus tenuifolius New    4" high grassy mounds with pretty, upturned, violet-blue bells in tight, round clusters, blooms July-August. An easy to grow rock garden plant that adds color later in the season. Does well in average to dry soil with a neutral or higher pH. Full sun. Zone 5.

EPIMEDIUM     Lovely woodland plants that tolerate dry shade (but, of course, prefer even moisture). An aristocratic plant in both leaf and flower. 07-PartialShade-s 06-FullShade-s 05-Drip 04-Drip2 03-Drip3 scissors

    grandiflorum ‘Lilafee’      Long spurred, amethyst purple flowers held well above the foliage in a showy display. New foliage emerges bronzy red, turns green in summer, then back to bronze red in fall. Clump forming. 8-12" high. For part shade with average, moderately wet to dryish soil. Plants become quite drought tolerant once established. If planted in sun, soil should be evenly moist through the season. Zone 4.

    grandiflorum ‘Queen Esta’   Nodding flowers of deep purple with long white spurs that contrasts beautifully with the bronze foliage that emerges shortly after the flowers. By summer the foliage will change to green. Very cute at only 6” high. Deer resistant. Zone 4.

Epemedium Spring Wedding 175

grandiflorum ‘Spring Wedding’     Abundant, large white flowers in spring over dark purple leaves with green centers. Flowers may come and go but beautiful foliage that holds its color and texture through the season is the gardeners true friend. This Epimedium does just that with beautiful flowers in spring and garden-chic foliage all season. Pretty enough for specimen use and for combining in mixed containers but most effective when planted in groups whether for mass impact or for weed-choking groundcover, or for both! For part sun to shade with average, reasonably moist but well-drained soil. Established clumps become impressively drought tolerant, 10” tall. Deer resistant. Zone 4.

    lishichenii New   Bright yellow flowers in early spring above the evergreen leaves. Leaves become somewhat bronzed in fall. Fast growing. 1” tall. Deer resistant. Zone 4

    x ‘Enchantress’    A petite variety growing only 6" tall, with semi-evergreen foliage and spidery lavender-white flowers in spring. Newly emerged leaves are shapely/pointed, with burnt-red markings. Deer resistant. Zone 4.

    x perralchicum ‘Frohnleiten’ New    Soft yellow flowers on compact, 4-6" plants. The semi-evergreen foliage has a reddish tint. Blooms in May before the leaves. 1' tall. Deer resistant. Zone 4.

Epimedium g Sweethear 175

x rubrum     A hybrid between E. alpinum and E. grandiflorum with deep, rosy-red, 1in. flowers in spring and heart-shaped leaves that are particularly ornamental in spring and fall when tinged red. 10-12ins. tall.

    x vericolor ‘Cherry Tart’     Rose pink flower petals with cherry red spurs radiating from the center. New foliage is flushed reddish-purple, turning deep burgundy in the fall. Semi-evergreen foliage and a slowly creeping habit that forms a solid groundcovering mats, 12” tall. Deer resistant. Zone 4.

    x youngianum ‘Asuza’   Large, bright white flowers with red outer-sepals carried above deep green leaves that are generously painted with a prominent silver wash that persists through the season.  Blooms heavily over a long period. 16” tall.

    x youngianum ‘Niveum’    Small, 6-8" tall plants with clear white flowers over sharply serrated leaves marked with red in spring, turning crimson in fall. Blooms mid to late May. One of our favorites for its tiny, neat habit and pure white flowers in early spring. Nice as an edger but at its best in drifts of just a few plants or many. Like all epimedium, it divides well, so that before you know it you'll have plenty to spread around the shady garden. Deer resistant. Zone 4.

Epimedium Sulphureum 175

Epimedium x youngianum 'Sulphureum'     A proven performer that’s hard to beat for flowers, foliage and all-around garden performance. Soft, butter-yellow blooms on 10ins. stems in spring over gray-green leaves attractively edged in burgundy-red. Makes a classy groundcover, especially in those difficult dry shade areas. Also nice in smaller groups to add interest in the mixed shady border. 10-15” tall.

Eremurus himalaicus     (Himalayan Foxtail Lily) Spectacular, tall flower spicks, up to 6’ high, possibly to 8’, carrying large, tightly packed inflorescences of starry white flowers, spikes to 3’ long. Foliage is light green, yucca-like, forms a bold, attractive base clump, 18” to 24” high and wide. From temperate Himalayan regions. Requires rich, evenly moist, well-drained soil in sun. Will languish in poor, dry locations. Can be dug in fall and stored in a cool dry place. Rated for zone 5 but, given ideal conditions, could be hardier or, in poor conditions, less hardy. Challenging, but the reward of succeeding makes it worth every effort.

Erigeron ‘Glaucus’ New     (Seaside Daisy) A California native adapted to rugged, seaside conditions with a stout rhizome and a rosette of thick, leathery leaves. Flower stems up to ten-plus inches tall, carrying large, 3” and up to 4” wide daisies consisting of a large, central golden disc, surrounded by a skirt of short, blue petals. The center disc is big, as wide across as the short petals are long. The petals are densely packed, held horizontally, and appear to have been given a severely close haircut by an overly fussy gardener. Blooms all season if happy, especially if spent flowers are removed. For sun, with average, well-drained but not parched soil. Attracts butterflies. Zone 5.

Erigeron ‘Prosperiy’    Very showy with a profusion of large, lavender blue daisies over glossy deep green foliage, with an upright, well branched habit. Flowers measure 2” across and consist of hundreds of threadlike rays encircling yellow centers, handsomely displayed well above the foliage. Overall height is 18”. Blooms for many weeks, May-June. For average, reasonably moist but well-drained soil, full sun. Nice for cutting. Zone 5.

Eryngium (Sea Holly) Fascinating flowers that are some of the best for cutting. Very heat tolerant and hot full sun is necessary. Not fussy about soil so long as it’s perfectly drained.  08-FullSun-s 05-Drip 04-Drip2 scissors

    “Big Blue’     Silver leaves and large, iridescent blue flowers on blue stems. The flower isn’t just blue, it’s iridescent blue and sure to make a statement in any garden. The upright, 30” stems are also a stunning, glowing blue. Deer resistant, great for cutting. For full sun with average, well-drained soil, zone 4.

    collected seedlings,(?)     Large clusters of medium sized, silvery-blue globe on sturdy, 3’-4’ tall stems.  Eryngium bring a unique flower color and form to the garden, unlike almost any other perennial. Long blooming, through summer, and past-peak flowers are retained on the plants adding ornamental interest into late-summer and early-fall. For full sun with average or better soil that’s very well drained. Terrific pollinator attractors, deer resistant. Zone 5.

    planum ‘Blue Hobbit’     The first truly dwarf Eryngium standing only 8-12" high when in bloom. Large, shimmering blue flowers assert themselves above rosettes of smooth, blue-green leaves for a long period in mid summer. Very drought tolerant and best suited to places with full sun and average, very well drained soil. Though short stemmed, flowers are excellent for cutting. Zone 4.

Eupatorium     Native wildflowers, valuable for their late summer/fall blooming and for the architectural quality they provide. Most prefer fertile, moist soils.  08-FullSun-s 04-Drip2 03-Drip3 02-Butterfly

    dubium ‘Baby Joe’   Broad, dome-shaped panicles of mauve-purple flowers carried on short, sturdy, dark purple-red stems. Blooms from mid-summer into autumn providing bold splashes of late season color. At only 2-3’ high, it mixes well with other perennials adding strong vertical structure and color without overpowering everything in sight the way the larger varieties sometimes do when crammed into a spot that’s too small. Full sun, with average/rich soil that’s reasonably moist through the season. Attracts butterflies. Deer resistant. Zone 3.

    purpureum ‘Gateway’     Large plants with an imposing presence, especially in July - September when their huge, bright, mauve-pink flower clusters tower over the border on 6' tall, sturdy stems.  Eupatorium purpureum is more adapted to growing in drier conditions than other eupatorium species and will thrive in a wide range of garden conditions from quite moist to average, well drained cites. Combines beautifully with late-summer to fall blooming Asters and Rudbeckias. Full sun to light shade. Zone 4.

    rugosum 'Chocolate'     Handsome purple/burgundy foliage contrasts nicely with the clusters of small white flowers that bloom in late summer. Grows 3-4' tall, with a neat, compact, spreading habit and is at its best in rich, moist soil, in full sun. Great contrast plant. I’ve paired it with Peroskia for a dynamite burgundy, blue and silver combo.  Hardy to at least zone 5, and probably colder.

EUPHORBIA (Spurge)    Plants with attractive foliage and long lasting, highly colored "flowers", which are actually bracts. Easy to grow in well drained garden soil, pest and disease resistant, long-lived.  08-FullSun-s 07-PartialShade-s 05-Drip 04-Drip2

    corollata    One of the longest blooming perennials, summer into fall. Showy masses of tiny, dainty white flowers bloom in large, airy sprays. Heat and drought resistant. More durable than Baby’s Breath which it resembles and for which it could be substiuted in situations where the former has proven difficult to grow. Small jade green leaves turn vivid red in autumn. 1-3'. Zone 5.

    mysinites (Donkeytail Spurge)     Trailing blue gray foliage with yellow bracts in May. Thrives in hot, dry locations, and self-sows readily. Always best at the front of borders and rock gardens, especially if wedged between boulders so that the trailing stems can flow through crevices and pour over stones. A good choice for the tops of walls, placed so that the stems can trail over the edge. Also nice in well-drained, mixed containers. Easy to grow, practically indistructable, delivering lots of exctiment without a lot of fuss. For hot full sun, with average to poor, well-drained soil. Deer resistant. Zone 5.

    polychroma (epithymoides)    Bluish-green, medium-sized leaves on sturdy, upright stems that form a dense, clumping, non-spreading, mound, almost shrub-like in appearance. In spring, showy yellow flower bracts crowd the stem tips, covering the plants with a bright, impressive display for many weeks. After blooms fade, the attractive foliage and tidy habit continue to have excellent landscape appeal. Easy in sun to light shade in average or better well-drained soil where plants will live for many years untroubled by pests or disease. Works as a single specimen in the mixed bed and is especially effective when planted in larger groups of 3 or many more. Some possible companions are orange Geum, purple Aubrieta and blue-purple ground phlox. Many new Euphorbias have come on the scene but E. polychroma remains one of the best! Zone 3.

    polychroma ‘Bonfire’    Bonfire’ is the first spurge to keep its brilliant foliage color all season long! Leaves emerge green but then turn dark red as they mature and retain this color throughout the season. Tightly packed foliage on upright stems form a dense, compact mound. Chartreuse bracts in spring contrast dramatically with the red foliage. Colorful from spring til fall. Matures at 12ins. high by 15-18ins. Zone 5.

Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow 2014

x martinii ‘Ascot Rainbow’     An outstanding spurge with flashy green and yellow variegated foliage that takes on pink and orange tones in cool weather. Unique variegated bracts appear in large clusters in spring. 20" high. Here at Bay State (borderline 5a,b), plants impressed by looking as good in late Dec. (2010), as they did in May. And then a nor'eastern roared through burying 'Ascot Rainbow', and the rest of the garden, under 2' of snow until March. In general, x martini hybds. should not be expected to overwinter consistently in zone 5 or colder. However, these are grgeous foliage plants that are worth growing seasonally.

x martinii ‘Blackbird’     Stout, compact mounds of dark purple foliage with contrasting yellow-green flower bract in spring. Foliage becomes virtually black with exposure to sun, accentuating the dramatic contrast with the chartreuse flowers. Unlike other euphorbia that tend to "melt", ‘Blackbird’ is very heat tolerant and retains its upright form during the hottest spells. Matures to 24" high. Will tolerate part shade but for deepest foliage color grow in full sun.. Officially listed as zone 6. Pretty enough to warrant having as a season plant. Evergreen in warmer zones.

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