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Hostas are shade lovers, with handsome foliage topped by flowers on tall scapes. An attractive plant from spring until frost, they come in an increasingly wide variety of leaf colors, sizes and shapes, and some varieties are quite fragrant. They make excellent groundcovers and specimen plants and hosta leaves and flowers are great additions to any floral arrangement.  They prefer moist soil in shady conditions, but are quite tolerant of a variety of soil types, and many are tolerant of full sun where the soil is moist. The varieties with variegated foliage perform best in some shade.


Humpback Whale 400

Hosta ‘Humpback Whale’’

    ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’    Dark, blue-green, cupped, puckered, seer-suckered leaves, thickly substanced. Near white flowers bloom on 2' scapes in June. 20"h x 45"w.

    ‘August Moon’    A classic gold to chartreuse hosta with corrugated leaves of good substance. Tolerates some sun which intensifies the gold color of the leaves, so a site with morning sun and afternoon shade to part shade is recommended. 20” tall by 24” wide. Pale lavender flowers in mid summer. An award winning, solid garden performer!

Autumn Frost

Hosta ‘Autumn Frost’    A sport of ‘First Frost’ with extra wide margins. In spring, leaves are frosty blue/green with radiant yelklkow margins. Leaves turn green with creamy white margins in summer. A medium sized hosta, perfect for growing in containers or for brightening up the front of the shade border. Foliage mounds to 12” high with purple flower scapes rising and additional 12-16”.

    ‘Blue Angel’    A large blue hosta with large blue-green leaves of very heavy substance forming a huge mound, 36" tall by 48" wide. Light lavender flowers just above the foliage in mid summer. Slug resistant. An impressive shade garden specimen.

    ‘Blue Ivory’   An exciting new sport of H. ‘Halcyon’ that produces medium-sized mounds with thick, spade-shaped, glaucous leaves that have a very wide, white margin. In summer, the center deepens in color creating a striking, high contrast display. An added bonus is the slug resistance afforded by the thick textured foliage. Pale lavender flowers bloom on 24” scapes in July.  Clumps mound to 16” with a 30” spread.

    ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ (miniature)    An adorable miniature hosta with thick, round, blue-green to grey-green leaves. Forms a perfectly symmetrical, 8in. mound. Clusters of lavender, bell-shaped flowers emerge from balloon-like buds.

    ‘Bridal Falls’ New    Deep green leaves with a wide, bright white margin. The color saturation really shows well in the shade. “Bridal Falls’ will develop into a large, arching clump with pointed leaves given a few years to mature.

Hosta Catherine 175

‘Catherine’ New     A sport of ‘Halcyon’ with intense powder-blue leaves wjth a wide yellow variegation in the center. Not many Hosta can match the special blue color of “Halcyon’ or its progeny.    

    ‘Church Mouse’      A sport of the award winning ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ distinguished by its thick textured, wavy-edged leaves. Forms a cute miniature clump of blue/green to green, thick leaves and matures into a small, compact mound 8” high. Lavender flowers in early summer on 14” scapes.

Coast to Coast 175

‘Coast to Coast’ New   Classified as giant sized, this huge solid gold hosta makes a striking specimen. Leaves emerge chartreuse yellow then turn lighter gold in summer. The thick, puckered, wavy leaves form an upright vase-shaped clump. Pale violet flowers appear just above the foliage in summer. 30” tall by 36” wide.

    ‘Cool as a Cumber’ New      Vigorous growing, quickly forming a showy clump of long, tapered leaves with bright green margins and clear white centers. Notably upright in youth, maturing into a gracefully arching mound. Creamy white scapes carry light lavender flowers. 28” tall by 40” wide.

    ‘Curly Fries’ New    The American Hosta Growers Hosta of 2016! A miniature hosta that forms an animated clump of extremely rippled, narrow leaves. Mature plants have red speckled petioles. Best in morning sun where its chartreuse foliage will be brightest. Only 6” tall by 16” wide.

    ‘Dancing Queen’    Unique yellow hosta that emerges bright yellow and remains yellow all season, unlike many so-called yellows that emerge chartreuse or turn chartreuse in summer. The large leaves display a prominent pie crust edge. Pale lavender flowers. Foliage mounds to 18” and spreads to 28”. 

    ‘Empress Wu’    Said to be the largest known hosta in commerce! Makes an eye-popping focal point with huge, thick, dark green, deeply veined leaves forming a massive upright clump, 4' high by 4’ wide, with pale reddish violet flowers blooming just above the foliage in early summer. Really Big!

    ‘Francee’    Crisp, dark green, heart-shaped leaves edged with a clean, narrow, white border. Looks good and grows well in most situations, even in sun where the color does not fade. Still one of the best Hosta for mass plantings and general landscape use.

    ‘Gypsy Rose’ New     A sport of ‘Striptease’ with better variegation and a more distinct white line in the variegation. Dark green leaves with bright yellow center variegation fading to white. Grows wider than tall.

Humpback Whale 175

Hosta ‘Humpback Whale’ New    Earns its designation as a giant hosta by forming a massive, dome-shaped mound of blue-green, corrugated, heart-shaped leaves. Color is bluest in the spring. Blue-green scapes carry near-white, bell-shaped flowers in early summer. 36” high by 48” wide.

    ‘Island Breeze’     A sport of ‘Paradise Island’ with better variegation and leaf substance. Wide, green margins contrast with bright yellow centers in spring. Centers turn chartreuse in shade and yellow in sun. Showy red petioles and dark lavender flowers. Foliage builds to 12” high by 28” wide. Foliage builds to 12” high by 28” wide and forms a handsome, colorful, medium-sized accent plant for shade.

    ‘Ivory Queen’ New      A sport of 'Blue Evory' that forms a majestic mound of cream to near-white leaves with broad, long lasting, blue-green margins with a dash of green. 12" high by 24" wide.

Key West 175

Hosta ‘Key West’ New     Designated a “very large” hosta with intensely gold, heart-shaped leaves. Bright filtered shade draws out the gold color. Strong growing, forming clumps 28” tall by 38” wide . Lavender flowers in early summer.

Lakeside Paisley Print 175

‘Lakeside Paisley Print’     An attention-grabbing small hosta with thick substanced, heart-shaped leaves outlined with very wide, wavy, green margins. Narrow, creamy white markings flare into the leaf centers in a feathered pattern, extending the cream-white color of the petioles up into the body of the leaf. A choice, small hosta, 10” tall by 24” wide. Light lavender flowers on cream colored scapes in mid summer.

    ‘Loyalist’    One of the best white centered hostas. A sport of 'Patriot' with reverse variegation. Leaves have deep green margins and nearly pure white centers. Leaves are of heavy substance. 18" high by 20" wide.

    ‘Hadspen Blue’     An outstanding, medium sized hosta, valued for its dense layering of smallish, heart-shaped to rounded, slightly cupped, heavily substanced and puckered steel blue leaves. The strong blue color remains strong through the entire season. Forms a compact, very dense, weed-choking clump, 14” tall by 20” wide. Gets lots of attention from nursery visitors.

    ‘Mini Skirt’    Very tiny growing with thick, very wavy, blue-green leaves with creamy yellow margins in spring. Center turns green and edge lightens to ceamy white in summer. Pale lavender flowers in summer. Only 5" tall by 7" wide. Definitely in the "adorable" category. For troughs and careful placement at the front of shady borders. Should be in any miniature hosta collection.

Neptune 175

Hosta ‘Neptune’ New     A unique blue hosta that forms a lovely cascading clump of narrow, wedge-shaped leaves of good substance, heavily ruffled at their edges. Leaves emerge bright glaucous blue in spring and hold their color well, becoming blue-green in summer. Large growing, 24" tall by 39" wide. Lavender flowers appear late summer-early fall.

    ‘Paradigm’    Thick, rounded, corrugated, gold leaves with blue-green margins that streak randomly into the center like an impressionist brush stroke. The attractive variegation becomes more pronounced as the season wears on. Large growing, 20" tall y 24" wide. Light lavender flowers mid-summer.

    ‘Patriot’    A medium-size hosta that is an improved sport of H. fort. 'Francee'. It has green leaves with wider white edges than 'Francee' and grows 15ins. tall by 36ins. wide. Lavender flowers bloom on 24in. stems in midsummer. One of the best white edged form. Shows some sun tolerance.

    ‘Paul’s Glory’    Blue-green leaves with chartreuse centers in spring. In summer, leaves turn darker green and the centers brighten to gold. Always a handsome clump in the garden showing exciting color changes as the season progresses. Large growing, 25” tall by 40f” wide.

    'Praying Hands'    A very visual form, 4" high by 16" wide clump resembles upward facing hands folded in prayer-perhaps begging an approaching slug for mercy? The narrow green, crinkled leaves are bordered with a band of creamy yellow. Lavender flowers bloom on 18" scapes in late summer.

    ‘Rhino Hide’     You have to feel it to believe it. Determined by actual measurements, these leaves are the thickest of any hosta, so far. The ultimate in slug resistance! On mature plants, leaves are cupped, puckered and have wide, blue margins with a narrow, light green center that brightens to yellow. White flowers in early summer. 20” high. Shows good sun tolerance.

    ‘Risky Business’    A mutation of Hosta 'Striptease' with deep green leaves beautifully washed with a large, clean, pure white center that holds all summer. Forms an eye catching clump 18-20" tall by 20" wide, with lavender flowers rising an additional 2' in summer. An exceptionally attractive Hosta that shines as a specimen, in planters and in mixed Hosta collections.

    ‘Samurai’    An improved form of ‘Frances Williams’ with large, rounded, heart-shaped, crinkled, blue-green leaves. Less prone to burning at the leaf edges than ‘Frances Williams. Very large.

    ‘Seducer’    Large dark green leaves with ruffled gold margins with a hint of white between the variegation. 'Seducer' colors up best in the heat of summer. Large-growing with near white flowers in July. Considered sun tolerant.

    seiboldiana ‘Great Expectation’     Another fortuitous mutation, this time of H. sieboldiana 'Elegans', with wide, irregular, blue-green margins surrounding light, creamy centers. Leaves are nearly round, puckered, slighted cupped, with good substance. A striking hosta that is slow to mature but well worth the wait. 20" high x 26" wide. Make a great specimen and anchor plant in any shady garden. Can be counted on to look good all season long.

    ‘Striptease’     Elongated heart-shaped leaves have broad, dark blue-green margins surrounding a wide chartreuse center, with very fine white streaks between the two colors; violet flowers. Makes a gorgeous, medium-sized specimen, 16" tall by 20" wide.

Hosta 'Sum & Substance'

Hosta 'Sum and Substance'    A giant hosta whose leaf color varies with sun exposure from light green to chartreuse to gold. Good slug resistence. Sun tolerant. Pale lavender flowers. 36ins. tall by 48ins. wide.

    tokudama 'Flavocircinalis'     Heavily corrugated blue-green leaves with an irregular gold margin display thick substance. Leaves are broad, heart-shaped with a tendency to curl at the edges developing a very attractive cupped configuration. Medium sized, reaching 14-18"h by 2-3'w. Near white flowers bloom on 25" stems. Both this cultivar and t. ‘Aureonebulosa always receive lots of attention from nursery visitors.

    ‘Virginia Reel’ New     This striking hosta forms a low, penwheel-like mound of pointy, lance-shaped leaves of good substance. The blue-green leaves have yellow margins which lighten to creamy yellow through the season. Lavender flowers. 8” high by 12” wide.

    ‘Victory’  The American Hosta Growers Association “Host of the Year” 2015. Dark green leaves with a creamy yellow edge form a large clump. Leaves are thick textured and slug resistant. However, what’s most exciting about this hosta is the super tall height of its flower scapes that are capable of rising to 7’ tall,(usually during the second season), carrying pale lavender in early to mid summer. Officially categorized as “Gigantic” with foliage mounding to 35” tall by 70” wide and flower scapes rocketing to a skies-the-limit height.

    ‘Wheee!’    Extremely ruffled and wavy green leaves with a white edge that runs all the way down to the crown. A very busy-looking variety that will always get a second look. Medium sized, 12"-18" wide.

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