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Artemisia dracunculus ‘Sativa’ New 2018      (Hardy French Tarragon) A popular hardy culinary and aromatic herb with the scent and flavor of mint-anise. Stems grow to 18" and the narrow green leaves are used extensively to flavor dishes. Zone 5.

Aloysia citriodora (Lemon Verbena)     An evergreen, tender perennial with narrow, green, willowy leaves that have an intense, lemon scent and flavor. Can be used as a pot herb for adding a lemon taste. 3’ high, even up to 4’or 5’ high. Grow in a large decorative container and place where it will be brushed against by arriving dinner guests. Even the grumpiest invitee will come to the table in a happier frame of mind. Zone 8.

Cymbopogon citratus    (Lemon Grass) 3’ tall, light green, narrow blades. An important herb in Asian cooking.

Nepta cataria (Catnip)     This is one that you plant for your cat and not for ornamental appeal because there won’t be left to it once you cat finds it in the garden. Expect it to be chewed up, rolled in and generally demolished for reasons known only to your cat. The fun part for the gardener is watching your cat have a really great time.

Ocimum (Basil) basilicum ‘Genovese Compact’ New 2018     An eye-catching genovese-type basil with dark green leaves on compact plants, 16-18” tall. Flavor and appearance are the same as genovese basil but plants have a more attractive, compact form. This means they are still perfect for pesto, caprese salad and more! Grows well in pots that can be placed on the kitchen stoop for easy access.

Ocimum (Basil) x ‘African Blue’ New 2018   This herb is grown as much for its ornamental features as for its culinary value.  A sweet camphor scent is emitted by the foliage that emerges a beautiful shade of purple with reddish purple undersides. With maturity, color fades to green with pronounced purple veining. Adding to its appeal are the pink flowers held in dark purple calyces. Flowers bloom all summer on 18’ stems above the leaves for an overall height of 30”. Both leaves and flowers are edible and flowers make a novel garnish on salads, soups and beverages.

Ruta (Rue) graveolens ‘Blue Beauty’     Lindera benzoin,(Spicebush), will attract the beautiful Spicebush Swllowtail butterfly and Rue will put out the welcome mat for the Tiger Swallowtail. The caterpillars of each are beautiful in their own right and, they’re also voraciously hungry, capable of pretty much gobbling up the entire host plant. Though I value the ornamental features of Rue, I plant it mainly as Swallowtail food and expect it to be defoliated in no time at all. It’s for a good cause, and the caterpillars are nearly as decorative as flowers, and, plants will grow back. If not eaten by caterpillars, Ruta ‘Blue Beauty’ will display lacy blue foliage on sturdy, shrub-like stems that reach 2’, possibly 3’ in height. Tolerant of dry, average to poor soil, in sun. Short lived perennials. May cause skin irritation and poisonous if ingested.



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