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Lonicera Yezberry Solo 400



Fragaria vesca (Fraises des bois), ‘Queen of the Valley’, (‘Reine des Vallees’)      (Alpine Strawberries) Count on a prolific quantity of small, delicious tasting and sweetly scented berries, all summer. Clump forming and low growing, in other words, cute, tidy and so tasty! The strawberry of choice in Europe. When deciding how to use it in the garden, keep in mind that it’s an alpine and, like most alpines, it needs average or better soil that’s well drained, and a spot in full sun. Well suited for use as a low edger for the herb garden, and for nestling in between edging boulders and pavers. Very nice in containers that can be placed on patios and pool side.

Lonicera YEZBERRY MAXIENew    (L. caeruleea - Sweetberry Honeysuckle, Haskaps) Said to have the largest fruit of any Haskap, with blue berries resembling olives in size and shape. It’s a large plant similar in shape to Yezberry Solo™ Haskap, giving very good yields of healthful, highly beneficial berries packing loads of vitamin C, potassium and fiber plus tons of other healthful ingredients, (ask at the desk for further info). Fruit is easy to harvest from its large framework. Unlike Solo™, this selection does require cross pollination with another Haskap for fruit set. Zone 3.

Lonicera YEZBERRY SOLO New    (L. caeruleea - Sweetberry Honeysuckle, Haskaps)   A pure Japanese haskaps with very large, plump berries on a big plant, ensuring high yields and easier harvesting. This special selection will fruit without a pollinator present, though cross pollination with another Yezberry variety ensures larger fruit and better yields. Great for eating fresh or for processing as sauces, jams or jellies. Super healthy, packing loads of vitamin C, potassium and fiber plus tons of other healthful ingredients, (ask at the desk for further info). Fruit ripens in summer and tastes like a blend of raspberries and blueberries. Easy to grow, requiring only average soil and moisture, in sun to light shade. 5’-6’ tall, zone 3.

Malus 4-in-one 175

Malus 4-in-1, (cold climate varieties) New     Red Delicious, Golden Delicious. Granny Smith and Gravenstein are the four hardy varieties grafted onto a single plant to create this 4-in-1 tree. In addition to the delicious fall apples there’s a beautiful display of fragrant pinky/white flowers in spring. Another big benefit is the elimination of pollination and space concerns. 12’-15’ tall by 12’-15’ wide, Zone 4.

Vaccinium ang. 'Brunswick'


Vaccinium angustifolia   (Lowbush Blueberry) A dense, low, spreading, compact form attractive enough for use in formal landscape settings as well as less formal, more naturalistic gardens. Its small white flowers in May are a valuable early source of nectar for pollinators and its abundant small, sweet, dark blue fruit is eagerly sought out by birds and small mammals in the summer. Tolerates dry, acid, poor soils and puts on a fiery show of orange-red to purple-red fall foliage color 1’ tall by 3’ wide. Native  Zone 3.

Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Bluecrop’ New    Midseason fruiting, yielding exceptionally heavy crops of medium to large, light-blue fruit. Habit is upright/spreading 4’-6’ tall. 

    ‘Jersey’ New   Late, vigorous, upright growing with heavy production of large, light-blue fruit. An older variety that has withstood the test of time. Very popular.

    ‘Late Blue’ New   (Highbush Blueberries) Very late fruiting with a trim, upright habit, 4’-5’ tall and berries with a firm, strong taste.

    ‘Northland’ New    Medium-sized, mid blue, sweet fruit. Very productive, rugged and reliable. 4’ tall, possibly taller, by 5’ wide. Leaves turn showy orange in fall.

    ‘Polaris’ New    A half-high blueberry, 3’ tall x 4’ wide, producing excellent crops of sweet fruit in early summer. Attractive enough for landscape use owing to its tidy habit and its smallish dark green summer foliage that takes on beautiful shades of orange/red in fall.








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